Testing the new Blackwing pencil


Mark Frauenfelder got hold of the new Blackwing pencil and posted his review:

"I like the OB for sentimental reasons. If the NB ends up looking almost exactly like the OB and costs under $2.00, I will buy it. Otherwise I will use any HB that ends up in my hand."


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4 thoughts on “Testing the new Blackwing pencil

  1. From what I’ve read so far, the new version of the Blackwing requires some tweaking to refine Blackwing 2.0 and make aficionados happy. I will buy them with or without further adjustments, but hopefully the manufacturer will take some of the comments into consideration.

  2. I have been using the new BW in my Moleskine notebook. It writes very well for and works well with the Moleskine paper.

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