Moleskine stars in “Stacked Up”

Dear friend Lauren Cerand shared with us the latest episode of Stacked Up, the online show where authors discuss their most treasured books. Diana Balmori, author of A Landscape Manifesto, includes the Moleskine notebooks she illustrates while travelling among her chosen few. ... Read More


Moleskine @ Blogfest

Great news for bloggers AND Moleskine users: “For the first time, on the occasion of the 2010 edition, Moleskine customized notebooks for the BlogFest, the event which brings together every year in Italy everything revolves around online communities, blogs, Facebook,... Read More


McGill Daily on Moleskine

Analysis at McGill Daily of how that little black notebook became so popular.  At its most basic psychology, then, choosing Moleskines over generic brands can be considered another way of telling ourselves that it’s all going to work out okay.... Read More


Moleskine celebrate Peanuts’ 60th anniversary

The beagle and the boy finally meet the notebook. As a fan, I'm really excited by this release. "1950-2010. Moleskine celebrates the 60th anniversary of one of the most influential comic strips of all time, which has accompanied three generations... Read More


Update: New sketches by Andrea Joseph

Beautiful new sketches from our friend Andrea Joseph on her Moleskine. Veritable labor of love, her playful artworks are painstaking.  "I am now feeling determined to finish this travel themed Moley. Maybe by the end of the year. I know... Read More


myMoleskine Reloaded

Always popular among visitors is the myMoleskine section of the company website. They've now added even more features to make it easier to tell your friends about it. "myMoleskine is now enhanced with a bunch of different new cool features.... Read More


In Memoriam

We remember all those perished on September 11 and victims of terrorism all over the... Read More


Karl Rove comments

 “I have never before been in a group that was so obviously and clearly pretentious,” he said at the start of his speech. “Do you know how I knew it was pretentious? Moleskines!” he said leaning over to the table... Read More


Advise needed on Fisher Space Pen

Anybody out there who can help out? "I've been using moleskines since high school, and I'm going into the archival field after graduate school. Currently, I use a Fisher Space Pen and love the way it writes–especially on a moleskine.... Read More