Found: “They Draw & Cook”

A mention of the Moleskine P

A mention of the Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal at Olive to Cook  led us to "They Draw and cook" collection of super fun illustrated recipes created by artists from around the world. 



2 thoughts on “Found: “They Draw & Cook”

  1. I’m sincerely not trying to knock anyone who is enthusiastic about the recipe or any other of the “specialty” Moleskine notebooks, but does anyone else wonder whether the brand is loses some of its identity in the sheer variety of different Moleskines offered now?

  2. They are losing their brand somewhat as many customers continue to find problems with paper consistency in quality. One of the books I bought had holes in the center area of the paper. I’m not talking about perforations for tear out pages. Some of the paper is better or worse from one notebook to another. For the price they should all be consistently good to excellent.
    I still have a few Moleskines still sealed. If I find anymore defects I will ask for replacements.
    I don’t care for any of the city books, music books, cahiers, recipe books. I do like the shetch books and watercolor books.

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