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Halloween with a Moleskine notebook

Halloween is approaching and will be here in 2 days! We know that celebrations for this holiday are spreading quickly all over the world, and not only within Anglo-Saxon countries. Different traditions are related to Halloween, including trick-or-treating, wearing costumes … Continue reading

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Moleskine speaks French

   In addition to Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and both simplified and traditional Chinese, now speaks French too!

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How Twitter made handwriting cool

Images courtesy of Also this week a nice article appearead on Telegraph about how much handwriting is still cool. Must read! (here the one from WSJ of last week) In an age dominated by the dizzying proliferation of digital … Continue reading

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One thousand drawings builds to an exhibition

Thanks to Tim who sent us this email. Looking for a way to increase the scale and impact of his one thousand three hundred Moleskine drawings, Tim Baynes turned to mono printing. As the name suggests, a press, ink plates … Continue reading

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An Author a month: Stuart Ruel

As introduced a couple of days ago, here the September most active author within myMoleskine gallery: Stuart Ruel. 1-     Who are you? I am Stuart Ruel. 2-      Tell us more about yourself and your passions  I’m 22 although I’m regularly … Continue reading

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Detour: Shanghai

New step in the Detour journey: Shanghai. The travelling exhibition of decorated Moleskine notebooks comes to Shanghai at Bund18. From October 21th to November 20th. Discover more here: Following: While sketching on his Moleskine notebook, Detour author Zhang Yuan, … Continue reading

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Introducing: An Author a month initiative

As said in one of the latest posts, Moleskinerie is about giving voice to you and your creations. We thought, as first new activity, to host each month the most active author within myMoleskine gallery with an interview. The author … Continue reading

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How Handwriting Trains the Brain

Nice article by Wall Street Journal about how handwriting trains the brain. What do you think? Is that right or not? Researchers are finding that writing by hand is more than just a way to communicate. The practice helps with … Continue reading

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New Moleskine Planners 2011

  Here the new  Planners/Dairies collection 2011, with a sneak peek at the new entries, two new endpoints in the collection dimensional range: the Extra Small, a super portable organizing tool for people who love miniature design and small writing, … Continue reading

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Blackwing pencil video review

Thanks to BoingBoing that linked this, we can now know a little more about the Blackwing 602 evolution into Paolomino Blackwing.    

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