An Author a month: Stuart Ruel

As introduced a couple of days ago, here the September most active author within myMoleskine gallery:

Stuart Ruel.


1-     Who are you?

I am Stuart Ruel.

2-      Tell us more about yourself and your passions 

I’m 22 although I’m regularly mistaken for a young child because of my youthful appearance and small stature. I just graduated from a degree in illustration and currently a freelance illustrator working out of London.  I guess illustration is my first passion? I studied it for four years and was completely dissatisfied with the whole degree experience and now I illustrate out of spite and hate.  Music my second, I’m really good at listening to it, quite mediocre at making it.  So, I end up doing record coverart a fair bit, I can really get into it.  Oh and comics too I like them also and currently working on a bunch of mini-comics.

3-      When did you first use a Moleskine notebook? 

The first Moleskine I used was about 4 years ago, it was the sketchbook, I remember buying one not long after seeing James Jean use them and got really excited and wanted to be him so I bought one.  In fact some of the stuff I’ve uploaded to mymolskine is from my first one, it’s weird to look back in it, I was a lot more experimental and imaginative…

4-      Why do you like so much Moleskine notebooks? 

The paper is really nice to draw on and it’s pretty sturdy, I’ve carried around other sketchbooks that just get dog eared and fall apart if you have them with you everyday.  The size is just right, it means you can hold it easily and draw anywhere and be private about what you’re doing at the same time, sometimes you don’t want people peeking at your doodles and realise you’re secretly drawing them.  Also having the notebooks bound so they can fully open means that scanning work you don’t lose anything in the centre, I like to blog a lot of sketchbook work and that makes it quite a painless procedure.

5-      Which is your favorite Moleskine notebook?

The sketchbook, for all of the reasons mentioned above, I must admit thought, I did stop using them for a short period because I found a change in the paper stock.  I used to use a lot of wet medium, inks and watercolour in the sketchbook, and went to use ink in a new notebook and it just bead up on the paper.  I know it’s a problem that quite a few other people have had, I tend to just draw in it now and rebind other paper into it for when I want to paint and stuff.  I’ve been told if you get a good one that doesn’t pool wet medium, buy the whole batch.

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