Farewell from Armand B. Frasco

Dear friends,

It is with a sense of poignancy that I announce my departure from Moleskinerie.com as it’s chief blogger today. I founded this blog almost 5 years ago and it has since become a gathering place for aficionados all over the world. Through this site, I have met and made many friends from all over the world and learned
from it’s many cultures. It has been such joy to share this interest with you and the product that made it possible.

It is now time for me to move on. I depart with a grateful heart, with much appreciation to Francesco Franceschi and everyone at Moleskine for making it an unforgettable part of my life. Mille grazie!


Armand B. Frasco

NB. I will continue my web presence at Notebookism.com <www.notebookism.com>

Please address media and trade queries to me at: <notebookism@gmail.com>

11 thoughts on “Farewell from Armand B. Frasco

  1. Armand, thank you for starting such an interesting and eclectic blog, on that has brought so many awesome minds together. You have created a forum that has set the standard for so many of us. Salut, Au revoir, et Bon Chance!

  2. Thank you so much Armand for your service to this great site! It is a daily and a “must read” for me. Will be reading you over at notebookism!!! Thank you again!

  3. Armand,

    Thank you very much for creating this blog – I really owe a lot to Moleskinerie. It was through this blog that I learned much about our favorite notebook, and discovered new ideas and works of art and cultures from various places around the world. I also made new friends here, some whom I’ve even met in person afterwards.

    Sad to hear about your departure from Moleskinerie. You were the face behind the pages. I am, however, happy to know that Notebookism will continue. (And I will of course still continue to use the Moleskine notebooks.)

    Again, many thanks and best wishes to you.

  4. @dalal

    We just tranferred Moleskinerie. That was the last Armand’s post, but not the last of Moleskinerie.

    So we will go on keepin’ this blog alive as always, thanks to you, above all.

    Just give us some little more time to fix the technical stuff related to the template etc.

    Thanks to be with us.


  5. Sad to see Armand go.

    Now this is just another corporate site. What a shame.

    I doubt we’ll see constructive criticism posted here (i.e. quality issues, smelly products, etc.).

    Guess this is it. We’ll have to find another non-corporate controlled outlet.

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