An Author a month: Sylvie Belgrand

We are ready for the top month’s author of myMoleskine for October. It’s Sylvie Belgrand and she runs her blog about art and drawing.


Before going on discovering Sylvie relationship with her notebooks, we have BIG news related to the “An author a month” initiative.

Each top author not only will be featured on Moleskinerie, but a Sleeve will be created with one of his or her artworks too!

Sleeves are the perfect place to store and classify your pocket sized notebooks. They are completely free, downloadable and printable. You’ll find the one related to Sylvie,Vol de nuit,  already listed and available for download.

Starting from the next month, you’ll be asked via a blog post, to choose which one of her or his creations will be processed as a Sleeve. 

And now let’s discover a little more about Sylvie!


1-     Who are you?

My “true life” name is Sylvie Belgrand, and my blog name is Nemo51. I live in Reims, the city of Champagne, in France.

2-      Tell us more about yourself and your passions 

I was born 47 years ago and I began to draw… well, it’s seems I’ve always been drawing ! I read a book each week, and I love to go around the world to meet other people, other colours, other stories…

3-      When did you first use a Moleskine notebook? 

I went to a book-shop with a friend about 4 years ago, and when I saw the sketchbook, I said : – Look ! It’s a notebook like the one my uncle used to write in when I was a child. My friend answered : – Why don’t you buy one ? You are always drawing, it’s made for you.
And so I did, and that was the begining of my love story with Moleskine.

4-      Why do you like so much Moleskine notebooks? 

Because of its top quality paper. You can write, you can draw, but you also can tear, cut, stick, scratch…
And it’s acid free.

5-      Which is your favorite Moleskine notebook?

The sketchbook, without any hesitation, because of its heavy paper, and because I can put it easily in a bag and take it everywhere I go.

2 thoughts on “An Author a month: Sylvie Belgrand

  1. É verdade moleskine é tudo de bom.Em qualquer espaço cabe meu moleskine.
    Me sinto up to day .

    Posso colocar ideias desenhos escrever ,o papel aceita agua muito bem.

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