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Do you remember about Kevin Shannon?

We talked about him over a year ago here at Moleskinerie.

At that time he was preparing himself for the biggest journey of his life, cycling around the world. One of his closest companion? A Moleskine notebook!

We took the chance during one of his stops to ask him some questions.

1. Who are you?
My name is Kevin Shannon, I’m 24 and I’m from the UK.

2. Tell us more about your “Quest”
On March 24th 2010 I left my home in a small village in the English countryside to circumnavigate the globe without the use of engines. The plan is to cycle approximately 40,000 miles across 5 continents and sail approximatley 10,000 miles across two major oceans – with a little kayaking and walking thrown in for good measure.

3. What are you trying to accomplish?
Primarily, the plan is to circumnavigate the globe without the use of motorized transport, but the expedition also has several other goals. Through the journey I hope to promote low impact, sustainable travel, plus highlight environmental issues such as climate change and plastic pollution, and how these issues are affecting small communities that I pass through on my journey around the globe. I will also be working with an organization called ‘Education through Expeditions’ whose aim is to help educate children about climate change and encourage them to lead greener lives.
Also, i plan to raise fund for a British armed forces charity in the UK called Combat Stress.

4. Which is the best thing ever learnt till now on the road?
I’ve learnt never cycle past stray, rather hungry looking, dogs when you have a large piece of salami in one of your panniers! But on a serious note, I’ve learnt that you should take any preconcieved thoughts of a country you have and forget them because I have met some of the greatest people in these countries. People are generally good natured and kind and will do the best they can to help you – even if they do have a rather menacing 5 inch scar across their face!

5. At which point of your expedition are you? How many miles left?
I have just completed the first stage of the expedition which was to travel from the UK to Istanbul. I arrived in Istanbul a few days after pedalling approximately 5,000 miles through France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. This part of the journey has taken me just under 8 months (I was hit by a car and had to spend 4 months recovering) to complete and it hasn’t been without it’s mishaps (being hit by a car and attacked by wild dogs for example!). I still have over 45,000 miles left to travel.

6. Arrival expected date?
I hope to arrive back home in about 3 years. It could of course take longer if I have funding or visa issue or if I’m injured. For example, the expedition doesn’t have funding (although we are still searching) and is financed through fund raising events back home in the UK and through kind donations made on my site. These donations have kept me in tyres and spaghetti for the past few months but it might not last forever so I may have to stop somewhere and work for 3/6 months to finance the next part of the journey. So in fact in could take a lot longer.

7. How are you using your Moleskine notebooks you have with you?
I’m using 3 Moleskines at the moment. Firstly, I have a pocket hard cover notebook which I keep in my handlebar bag and use to scribble directions, contact details or quick thoughts and ideas. Then I have a plain softcover Moleskine which I use to sketch and scibble. Finally, I have a large lined, soft cover Moleskine which has two purposes. The front of the notebook is my expedition journal and the rear is for ideas for pieces to write for my site, ideas for articles to write for other websites or notes on the equipment I’m using and how it can be improved.

Keep on following Kevin on his Twitter account and on his blog.

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