Tweet @Moleskine Giveaway Winner

Def totale

Thanks to you all! We had such a great participation!

During these three days we got more than 150 tweet replies and they were all really interesting to read. As said we decided to store them all here, so you can take a look to what everyone thinks about this analog/digital era and where it is taking us.

We wrote down all your tweet accounts that correctly wrote their tweets in these pieces of paper. And proceeded with the draw.

Def mano

And the winner of 1 Moleskine Smartphone Cover compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS is:

Def particolare

Celeste Aguirre @cas_ed

With this tweet:

@Moleskine wouldn´t have #digital without the analog.

Congratulations Celeste, we get in touch with you soon!

To all the others, stay tuned. As said in the other post. This is just the beginning!

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