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2011: New year’s resolutions

Few hours left for 2010, and with the new year approaching it’s time for resolutions! Have you already made yours? Have you already thought something about how to live a better year? You can take inspiration from Saaleha, who, as … Continue reading

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San Francisco: Passport 2010

Passport is annual public art event in San Francisco organized by the San Francisco Arts Commission. It takes participants on a neighborhood stroll to collect artist-designed “passport stamps” in a pocket Moleskine cahier notebook. Once complete the passports become a … Continue reading

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Happy holidays by Moleskinerie

Time for holidays is approaching and we hope that they will be the happiest for you all! To spend these days in the most relaxing way we thought about a present specifically dedicated to you. Do you remember what we … Continue reading

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Roll the Dice: Print, Cut, Paste and Play

If you want to get prepared for an exciting and creative 2011, discover this little Moleskine downloadable present: the Wise and Blank Dice. The Wise is a 12-faced die showing a sentence on each face, suggesting you to perform a … Continue reading

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“Making of” Moleskine Extra Small Planners

Wondering how the Moleskine Extra Small Planners video has been realized?  Discover more here about how the “Making of…” video has been created.

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An Author a month: Sebastian Karim

Here we are with the top month’s author of myMoleskine for the month of November. His name is Sebastian Karim and here there is his blog, where you can discover more about his creations. As we did for Sylvie last … Continue reading

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Thought of You

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo. Appreciate this beautiful piece of animation we found on “One cool thing a day“: Conte Animated is a personal project of mine that combines several art forms into one exhibition. These … Continue reading

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Why I use Moleskine

Why I use Moleskine: When I touch it, it touches me back. lovely/creepy?less than a minute ago via Seesmic WebAlpha Lim alphalim   This morning we found this lovely piece of Tweet regarding a topic: Why I use Moleskine. Assuming … Continue reading

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Cognac Passion with Rémy Martin

As we did in the past with the current Passion Journals collection, in the myMoleskine/MSK area you now can donwload and test an online exclusive Cognac Passions MSK template, created for a special edition notebook for one of the most … Continue reading

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Moleskine Extra Small Planners

    A new stop motion video by Dutch visual artist Rogier Wieland illustrates the Extra Small Planners, the super portable organizing tools introduced by Moleskine for people who love small writing and miniature design Discover more here  

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