2011: New year’s resolutions

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Few hours left for 2010, and with the new year approaching it’s time for resolutions!

Have you already made yours? Have you already thought something about how to live a better year?

You can take inspiration from Saaleha, who, as you can see by the picture above, decided to fill out the Moleskine Blank Dice with her 12 new year’s resolutions!

Share your resolutions with us:

  • On Twitter by sending us a tweet using this hashtag: #moleskine2011
  • On our Facebook Page
  • On Flickr tagging your photos with moleskine2011 or BlankDice if you decide to use it
  • By commenting here on Moleskinerie

Have a great start of 2011!

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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One Response to 2011: New year’s resolutions

  1. Jane says:

    My resolutions for 2011:

    – learn to say no to people
    – get in shape
    – find more time for myself
    – spend less time online (Facebook, ..)
    – become a better photographer
    – graduate from uni (early 2012)

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