An Author a month: Sebastian Karim

Here we are with the top month’s author of myMoleskine for the month of November. His name is Sebastian Karim and here there is his blog, where you can discover more about his creations.

As we did for Sylvie last month, we created a beautiful sleeve with a draw made by Sebastian. You can download and print his “Map of my Travels” within the Sleeve section.

This month we wanted to take a step further. Not only we did our classic, written, interview. We got in touch with Sebastian and talked with him about his relationship with Moleskine notebooks and recorded it in this short video.

1- Who are you?

I am a California-based artist and artisan who has spent the majority of his post-baccalaureate years trying to make it in the art world. I am currently working on a body of work which will be exhibited at a gallery in San Francisco, which opens February 4th of next year. Besides that, I am an avid collector of music, and have spent the last 10+ years digging through the 99 cent bin of my local record store, finding hidden gems and discarded masterpieces on vinyl- for a fraction of what they would cost on CD. (my blog)

2- Tell us more about yourself and your passions

I recieved my B.A. from Pitzer College in Studio Art and Mathematics (hence the squared/graph paper). Math has always been a passion of mine; I have been playing with numbers in my head for as long as I have been scribbling on paper. On the subject of scribbles, lately I have been creating a number of ‘mapstractions” of my travels. Placing my pencil on the page (and marking where I am starting and where I end), I let the vessel in which I am traveling do the work. Every bump, turn, shift, and stop gets recorded, and what remains is a beautiful abstraction of my journey. From Point A to Point B I record every movement, elaborating only when there is a stop. I am a passenger on these voyages, occupying a backseat as an artist, and allowing myself to be taken by the road.

3- When did you first use a Moleskine notebook?

I bought my first Moleskine when I was 18, during my first year at Pitzer. It was pocket-sized and served me quite well, that is, until that following summer when I took an Architecture course in New York. I needed something a bit bigger, and opted for the larger squared Moleskine. I immediately fell in love. Since that summer, I have continued to use that size, and I am now well into my eighth one.

4- Why do you like so much Moleskine notebooks?

For one, I absolutely LOVE the squared paper. Having horizontal as well as vertical guidelines help out greatly with proportions and organization. I do not think I could have done it without them! Also, the trademark inner pocket and the elastic closure which keeps it shut are both excellent features in the notebook’s overall design.

5- Which is your favorite Moleskine notebook?

Squared; size: large. Hands down. I’ll be doing work in these puppies for years and years to come.

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