Why I use Moleskine

Why I use Moleskine: When I touch it, it touches me back. lovely/creepy?less than a minute ago via Seesmic Web


This morning we found this lovely piece of Tweet regarding a topic: Why I use Moleskine. Assuming that the 140 characters that Twitter gives you are quite enough to express “why you use a Moleskine notebook“, what do you think if we try to collect your reasons and motivations?

Give it a try and share yours this way:

Most interesting ones will be published and featured in a post here on Moleskinerie in a couple of days.

Have fun!!

15 thoughts on “Why I use Moleskine

  1. Why I use Moleskine? Because it makes me want to write and not forget how my penmanship looks like in days like these where computers have taken over.

  2. Busy mind, running thoughts every single second of the day. My Moleskine is my break! When I’m in it, I’m in it!

  3. My shrink, my imagination, my everyday companion. In it I am whatever I can, I am with myself, I am free. Without it I forget, I am lost, I am alone.

  4. To have a trace of my ideas for crafts, my tests for cook recipes, my lists of everything I need to remember. And it shows my life is full of lovely things and projects after having gone through hell. Maybe my moleskine is my own piece of heaven…

  5. Why I use Moleskine: Because sometimes my blog just doesn’t cut it.

    No, really. The feel of a new page is awesome to me and being able to write my personal thoughts on it feels liberating.

  6. When I put a pen on MOLESKINE, my thoughts e.g. cool idea, sad mind, imagination and everything, flow through non-stop as it helps to pull my mind inside brain which isn’t easy to bring on onto it… I can say MOLESKINE is like my half part and I can’t live without it!

  7. I could make another question as a reply: why my Moleskine uses me? Jokes aside, as Hannah Arendt stressed once, you only have a life if you got stories to tell. My Moleskine is a train for stories and to avoid to fading…

  8. It’s my best friend, I guess. Something, not someone, I can just be ‘me’ with. As long as I have a pen, hehe.

  9. I use it because it fits my secrets. And once he was completely wet by a bottle of water meanwhile I was at the gym and the next day it was like nothing happened. it was a mix of the desire to write in something traditional, but since then I have a proof that is really good and resistant. ;-P

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