Roll the Dice: Print, Cut, Paste and Play


If you want to get prepared for an exciting and creative 2011, discover this little Moleskine downloadable present: the Wise and Blank Dice.

The Wise is a 12-faced die showing a sentence on each face, suggesting you to perform a simple but unusual action that will allow you to reconnect with yourself, improve your relationships with the others or have a positive impact on the environment.

You can download the Wise Dice from here.

Once you have printed the page, cut it along the full lines, bend it on the dotted lines and attach the flaps with the glue or tape following the natural shape.

Besides the Wise Dice, already featured with precompiled senteces, you have the chance to make your own dice.

Think of 12 tips for the upcoming year and write one of them on each face of the dice. If you want you can take a photo of it and upload it on the MyMoleskine page, so that our community can follow your tips for 2011.

Download the Blank Dice filehere