Moleskine debossing: how custom editions are made

Discover more about how Moleskine debossing process is made!

Moleskine custom editions are conceived for different reasons, to celebrate special anniversaries and social initiatives, to promote public events and exhibitions, or to pay tribute to world’s leading cultural institutions and prominent artists. Every time we create a new special notebook project, we like to share with you all the details. Now we’re pushing a bit forward, showing you how these limited edition notebooks are made by our artisans. In this video we focused on one of the printing process we use very often, the debossing process, a dry printing method in which a custom special die is used to apply graphics to our covers.

2 thoughts on “Moleskine debossing: how custom editions are made

  1. I love those debossed notebooks! Great to see how they are made.

    The music playing in the background is lovely – could you tell me what it is?

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