Moleskinerie template: Need for passion

A couple of annoyed comments in the past few days appeared about the WordPress template’s request for the 7th birthday of Moleskinerie, and about the prize, in the specific. moleskine analogue digital

We would like to clarify that the realization of a WordPress template we have been asking for Moleskinerie is addressed to our fans, to all the people that love Moleskine and decide to dedicate few hours of their free time to realize something original that gives them the opportunity not only to win a Moleskine iPad case, but also to be linked and featured within Moleskinerie as long as the template will be used in this blog.

We feel sorry if this wasn’t clear since the very beginning. Actually, we are not in search of , or something realized by a professional studio or by a specialized designer. Otherwise we could have hired a dedicated agency to do that. On the contrary, we are looking for something simple, inspired by your passion for Moleskine notebooks and have always the feeling that this has been something realized by an ardent and passionate fan of ours.

That’s why we gave you the opportunity to chose amongst different degrees of difficulty you can apply for.

So if you feel comfortable in participating here are the terms and conditions.

We can’t wait to receive and see your creations.

Good luck!

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  1. Please… focus on content not in shape. Shape is allways OK if the content is good. If you understand me…

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