moly_x is an international Moleskine notebooks sketchbook exchange between artists around the the planet. moly_x began with two people, as most great projects do. In nearly three years, the exchange has grown to 400-plus contributing artists living in cities including, Toronto, NYC, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Minneapolis, Cape Town, Sao Paulo, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Sydney, Rome, and Mexico City.

Marty Harris, illustrator and artist, founded moly_x group on Flickr (where you can find all the related information on how you can take part to the global exchange) almost by accident at the end of 2008.

If you are near to Minneapolis till March 6th, you can enjoy the moly_x collection at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. More information here.

moly x

3 thoughts on “Moly_X

  1. A most amazing thing about molys is how the reader is (almost) a participant, along with the artists actually involved. The mysteries that unfold are yours to discover, but solving them is beside the point. (Or at least an abstract one.) These beautiful tales only promise to turn your head. Literally.

  2. I am quite sad I will be unable to see all the wonderful books together (with my own). I am sure it will be an amazing exhibition. Here’s to a travelling moleskine collective exhibition!

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