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Moleskine Passions: The Baby Journal!

Join us in welcome the first of the new Moleskine Passions collection: The Baby Journal! It has 6 sections to fill out especially for mom and baby (9 months of sweet expectation, bringing the baby home, feeding, care, birthdays, special … Continue reading

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1 question 365 answers

We would like to thank Kerstin Klein for sharing this with us. After her first project “What is red for you?”, she is back with a new one involving Moleskine notebooks and in particular Month Daily Planner. The new project … Continue reading

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An Author a month: José Luis Betancourt Castellanos

Art, creation and passion have no boundaries. After two artists coming from the United States, this time we have the pleasure to host a Mexican artist. José Luis Betancourt Castellanos is based in Mexico City and he has been the … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s from

How are you going to spend this day? We hope with the ones you love. Are you planning to give a Moleskine notebook as a present?  Tell us here or send us your pictures to our Facebook account and happy Valentine’s … Continue reading

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Introducing the Cover Art Collection

The beautiful story of  the Cover Art Collection which involves the 3 authors (Paul Desmond, Benjamin Barrios, Maykel Nunes) of myMoleskine gallery doesn’t end with their new notebooks, but the story continues with 3 special downloadable Sleeves created for the … Continue reading

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February 7th has come finally! Do we have already a winner? Yes, we do!!! It’s Alexander S. and here’s a little sneak peek of his beautiful creation for Moleskinerie new theme. Why are we already announcing the winner? We wanted … Continue reading

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Silk screen printing

     After the Debossing one, another technique on how Moleskine notebooks are realized. The silk screening art lies in the making and manufacturing of a woven mesh. It comes from the stencil process and follows the same principles. Areas … Continue reading

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