An Author a month: José Luis Betancourt Castellanos

Art, creation and passion have no boundaries. After two artists coming from the United States, this time we have the pleasure to host a Mexican artist. José Luis Betancourt Castellanos is based in Mexico City and he has been the author of the month for January 2011being the most active one within myMoleskine gallery.

As for the previous authors we realized a sleeve with an artwork realized by José. You can download and print his “Paris” in the Sleeve section

Discover more about him on his website, and enjoy his interview in Spanish. Below the video you can find the replies in English.

1-Who are you?

I am Jose Luis Betancourt Castellanos, I was born on April 04, 1952 in Jiquílpan, Michoacán’s (Mexico); since I was a little boy, I love drawing, during Elementary and High School I enjoyed very much to reproduce insects, plants, animal and animal tissues, and for my own drawings of comics of Supermán etc; also something very important in my childhood was to see my father working in his photographer shop was, it caught my attention the composition, contrast and principally the light; in 1969 I went to live to Mexico City to continue studying and to choose the career of Architecture in the UNAM, here I became really involve in drawing and the wonderful problematics of the perspective and with watercolors; since then I have not stopped doing Watercolors and parallel developing my profession of Architecture.

2-Tell us more about yourself and your passions
The Watercolor is one of my big passions, since it is a technique very demanding and difficult to dominate, you never finish learning, we always have the idea that it could be done better and it is exciting and entertaining.
Certainly Architecture is one of my passions supported on new technologies, allows us to enrich us across programs of drawing with which we can handle three dimensional images that acquaint us increasingly with all types of complex perspectives.

3-When did you first use a Moleskine notebook?
My first contact with Moleskine notebooks were since I was very young boy, when my brother Amadeo (Civil Engineer) the oldest, did his technical drawings of a quality and extraordinary complexity in his Moleskine notebooks ; since then I started receiving an education of order and professional discipline.

4-Why do you like so much Moleskine notebooks?
Due to the fact that my great passion is the Watercolor, since I found out that Moleskine notebooks had with watercolor quality paper in the City of Toledo in Spain last year, I have become a very fanatic of Moleskine notebooks, using from the Pocket, Large, A3 and A4 size , and I am happy because it allows me to preserve in a very tidy and wonderful way all my works that I do with all my fondness as finished works and not as simple sketches, the quality of them motivates me to this.

5-Which is your favorite Moleskine notebook?
To answer this question is very difficult, is like saying which son you love more; it is wonderful to have this variety of sizes. Depending on my temperament that I am or the comfort of the situation, is the one that I use.

If I wanted to have a notebook of my dreams, it would be with hard cover, the sheet with a line of perforations to be able to detach it easily and had a sheet of aluminum of 1mm maximum of thickness with fold in three of his sides of 1 cm. To insert it in the sheet of paper and to hold the same one, that once finished the work stays with his white frame.