Template and iPad cover winner

February 7th has come finally!
Do we have already a winner?

Yes, we do!!!

It’s Alexander S. and here’s a little sneak peek of his beautiful creation for Moleskinerie new theme.


Why are we already announcing the winner?

We wanted to raise the bar amongst you, who are the real creator of Moleskinerie. Because you are the content provider that let this beautiful blog to go on. Probably it was a “too much time-consuming” task to accomplish, or simply we weren’t clear enough on how to proceed with this. Alexander has been the only one, in the past 2 weeks,  to send us a template for the blog and that will be the one we are going to use within Moleskinerie.

We loved it and, since the time is over for the sending,  we decided to use it as soon as we received it. We really hope that you’ll like it as much as we do.

Next steps…

In the following days we are going to implement the new template and send the prize to Alexander.

That said, we want to thank all of you that read the news, spread the word and shared the post on the Internet. We know you were a lot!

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