Infographic of the day: History of Printing

 We love infographics. They are becoming more and more the easiest way to visualize information over the Internet lately. (by the way we suggest this great blog about data visualization). We found this regarding the “History of Printing“ particularly interesting since... Read More

31/03/2011 and myMoleskine widgets

If you run a website or a blog which deals with drawing, sketching, or whatever is related to Moleskine notebooks now there’s two different kind of widgets you can embed wherever you want. You may have noticed it for a... Read More


Introducing: The Moleskine Artist Market Place

Creative customization of Moleskine notebooks covers is occurring spontaneously across the Web so we thought to provide a single place to exchange this creativity between Moleskine lovers.  Particularly since we received inquiries from customers around the world asking us for... Read More


Moleskine needs your feedbacks

If you are interested in a new online tool that is addressed to whom is passionate about Moleskine notebooks and digital world, this is your chance to be crucial in our final decision process.  The tool is about to be... Read More


An Author a month: Mariángela Aponte Núñez

After the Mexican José Luis Betancourt Castellanos we have a new artist who is coming Colombia, she is a visual artist student based in Argentina. Mariángela Aponte Núñez has been the author of the month for February 2011being the most... Read More


Italy 150th Anniversary

On 17 March 1861 the process of Italy unification was completed and Turin became the first capital city of Italy. Rome, then,  became the third and final capital city, in 1871. Tomorrow, in the entire Italian peninsula, there will be... Read More


Snapshot: Nikesh Murali

Let’s start this new week like the one just ended…Giving room to you! Name: Nikesh Murali, Australia Website: 1.  What is your current Moleskine notebook? I am currently using a plain Moleskine Cahier. 2.  How do you use your... Read More


Snapshot: Charles Hollingshead

We are back with the Snapshot series! Today we are featuring Charles Hollingshead from Greenwood, Indiana! Name: Charles Hollingshead from Greenwood, Indiana. Website: and Podcast: (Which I have also been doing the episode illustrations for.) 1.   What is... Read More


Moleskine Passions: The Style Journal

After the Baby and Gardening journals another one takes is place to the Moleskine Passions collection. The Style journal is to meant to filled with your fashion instinct, habits and preferences! Start experiencing the Style Journal by downloading the MSK... Read More


Art Journal Every Day

  Thanks to Karen (kudos to her beautiful creations) we discovered this lovely and inspiring project created by Balzer Designs: Art Journal Every Day.  Basically what you need is a watercolour notebook (pocket or large) and your creativity. Take 10 minutes... Read More