Moleskine Passions: The Style Journal

After the Baby and Gardening journals another one takes is place to the Moleskine Passions collection. The Style journal is to meant to filled with your fashion instinct, habits and preferences!

Start experiencing the Style Journal by downloading the MSK Template for free here!

What will be your very first stylish entry? Share with us!

2 thoughts on “Moleskine Passions: The Style Journal

  1. I used to really like Moleskien journals, mostly because they were so versatile and utlititarian in design. I could use it for virtually any purpose or circumstance. Now, with all of the “passions” journals, backpacks, trapperkeepers, pens and pencils, cup holderd and beer cozies, this idea of simplicity and versatility has been lost. The journal has become so over-branded that the whole thing has just become a big joke. I’m not sure who is to blame for any of this though; the company which is trying desperately to squeeze everly last nickle and dime they can from a simple idea, or the public which will buy anything as long as it’s expensive and has “Moleskine” stamped on it.

  2. Hello Red Rex.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    All the items that you mentioned, some of them part of the New Collections, are the result of Moleskine lovers suggestions, different market researches and final user feedbacks. As per as many other products in the past these have been our main guidelines, together with the quest for aesthetics and quality, when focusing on the realization of a new collection of notebooks. And, in the case, an entire new world of complete set of tools for cultural pleasure and mobile living.

    Moreover, our pursuit of these ethics guidelines are the conceivement of a careful and attentive vision of the whole and the details, from concept to design, from choice of materials to final production, from workplace to lifestyle. Of course, our public will continue to find the appreciated journals, as you say “so versatile and utlititarian in design” that we always consider the core of our brand.

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