An author a month: Filip Peraić

After a couple of South American artists, we are flying back to Europe with the new Author of the month:  Filip Peraić. He is a design student based in Croatia and since he has been the most prolific uploader on myMoleskine gallery he has been the Mach 2011 Author of the month.


As always we realized a sleeve with an artwork realized by Filip. You can download and print his “Self portrait” in the Sleeve section

1-  Who are you?
My name is Filip Peraić, I’m a visual artist (website) born in 1989. (Zadar, Croatia)

2-  Tell us more about yourself and your passions
I’m currently attending School of design Zagreb, Croatia. My main occupations are design, illustration and painting, but I’m still experimenting, learning how to combine all three of them. I love to carry my sketchbook around, enjoying the process of improving my skill, always doing self portraits, secretly sketching people in caffe bars, parks… As you can see on my blog.

3- When did you first use a Moleskine notebook?
Only one year ago, I wanted to try sketchbook with paper of higher quality than most of the other sketchbooks and find out what everybody was talking about.

4- Why do you like so much Moleskine notebooks?
My favorite parts are rounded corners and the pocket inside of the notebook. I think that’s why Moleskine is popular among designers, we love when every part of product is designed to smallest details.

5- Which is your favorite Moleskine notebook?
Traditional sketchbook is my first one, and I’m delighted with it. I’m definitely planning to try watercolor notebook, since I love working with watercolors.