Moleskine App for iPhone and iPad

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The wait is over!

The official Molesine App for iPhone® and iPad® is here!

Express your creativity through text, images and sketches. Pick a classic Moleskine notebook paper style – plain, ruled, squared – and create a new “thought” and start to type or draw choosing amongst different colors and sizes.

Don’t forget to map your “thought” by adding a geotag and share it with your friends!

Are you still here?

Go to the App Store and download for free the official Moleskine App for iPhone and iPad.

This is our first release in the digital application world, so your feedbacks and suggestions are very much appreciated to better develop a possibly forthcoming update.

If you want to do so, do it here!

11 thoughts on “Moleskine App for iPhone and iPad

  1. It’s a good start for a first-time release. The interface is a little clunky and unintuitive, and the responsiveness really needs to be improved – I’ve got tiny fingers and the buttons still don’t seem to know that I’ve tapped them.

    I would *love* to see the ability to add the Passions Journal pages and templates in digital form and then fill them out – this would really set it apart from all the other note-taking apps out there (might be especially good for the iPad). And how about the stickers that are included with the diaries and Passions journals? An ability to add them in-line with text would re-create the Moleskine line on iOS, without the irritation of running out of stickers.

    For now I’m sticking with Awesome Note, but I will keep checking back to see if the app has grown and developed. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, but please don’t forget that while bags, glasses, pens and apps are all very shiny and new, Moleskine should be about paper products. Otherwise, you’re just selling out.

  2. Put a picture on the cover. Cool. Spent ten minutes figuring out how to draw. Deleted it.

  3. I downloaded the Moleskin iPad App as soon as it was avaialble. I love it, everything I want in a productivity app and its a Moleskin. One enhancement if I may suggest, rotate the paper as the iPad rotates, so I can use my bluetooth keyboard/case, please. All in all a great App!

  4. Thank you for the Moleskin App for IOS devices. I an excited to use it. I love writing and journaling. This will be the next best thing and will keep my thoughts portable.

    I have one request, could you create a password entry for the app, I do have others use my phone occasionally and would like to keep some of my thoughts private.

    Thank you again for the new way to use Moleskin.


  5. how do i draw?? tell me how please, i want to use this app! and how to add more pages to a ‘thought’ help!

  6. Same here. This App looks nice, but after a week, I still haven’t figured out how to draw… I click the pen icon, select the ink color, click the pen icon again so that the little arrow that get me to my note appears again, and then… nothing.
    If some wizzard out there could post a step by step (click by click) description, I’d be really happy!

  7. Great app – so nearly perfect!

    My one major criticism would be as follows.

    1. I’ve only just started using the app, but noticed a major thing missing straight away. Password protecting specific notebooks. THIS is MUST HAVE. I think you should enable users to pick which notebook can be password protected.

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