Snapshot: Serena Wu

1 250px whiteName: Serena Wu

Website: Serena Style and Flickr Collection

1. What is your current Moleskine notebook?

large squared notebook (main one that I bring everywhere with me) + large sketchbook (which I keep at home)

2. How do you use your notebook?

Since I’m a web and graphic designer, I use the gridded one to sketch out web wireframes and logo concepts (and take notes/add comments) (pics of an older work journal here, which was actually a plain notebook). The sketchbook serves purely as a scrapbook, in which I collect all kinds of ticket stubs, travel receipts, business cards, and memorabilia (pics of an older one here). I keep yet another separate sketchbook for collages and artwork, though I haven’t had time to add any recent contributions.

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3. What’s the next place you plan to take your notebook to?

I have no international travels planned yet, though I am visiting Seattle in two weeks. (I live in San Francisco.) My current notebook has traveled to New York, Vegas, LA, and Seattle so far. (On the contrary, my last journal has traveled to seven countries.)

4. What do you want to tell the world?

If you work in a creative field, keeping a journal is a great way to visualize your ideas, collect inspiration, and stay organized!

5. Where will you and your notebook be in 5 years?

I will probably still be in San Francisco while my current notebook will join the collection on my shelf. (Each notebook lasts at most a year for me.)