The Book Surgeon

  Creating stories with the pages of a book? We discovered that is possible, and by manipulating paper you can add so much value to them. That’s the incredible and brilliant work made by Brian Dettmer aka The Book Surgeon.... Read More


Snapshot: Linda Willemszoon

Name: Linda Willemszoon 1. What is your current Moleskine notebook? Moleskine Cahier Journal – Plain, pocket edition, black 2. How do you use your notebook? For my Train journey diary Today (2005 – 2011), during each train journey I made... Read More


Objectivity event: the photo slideshow

 As promised, we collected the best pics coming from our event Objectivity held last Sunday in New York. Here’s the entire set . Have you been there? If so, did you enjoy it? If you want to know what it was all... Read More


SCRIBA Event. You have been the leading actor!

  Did you remember when some weeks ago we asked for your help for several consecutive weeks? You were involved in telling us your Life in a bag, What Moleskine means to you, the 3 objects you cannot travel without,... Read More



Yesterday in New York Moleskine held an event called Objectivity. It has been a all-day-long workshops dedicated to Notebook Hacking, Collaborative Drawing, and Moleskine New Collections. The four workshops focused on the process of creation, sharing, and response to iconic... Read More


Thought of you: Making of…

  Did you remember the short 2-D animated movie Thoght of you that we posted some time ago? Well it seems that the yesterday’s Doodle picked up by Google has been made by the same amazing artists Ryan J. Woodward... Read More


Moleskine event: Objectivity

Sunday, May 15th will take place a special one-day event at Eyebeam’s West Chelsea exhibition space in New York called Objectivity. Two workshops to explore how the contemporary nomad navigates information saturated digital and urban landscapes. An exhibition and reception... Read More


Rod Luff – “The Moleskine Project”

The art gallery Spoke Art officially opened their doors for the first time this week in San Francisco. Till May 28th, Rod Luff will take the stage with The Moleskine Project, where the Australian artist will show his entire Moleskine notebook collection... Read More


Snapshot: Ed Hall

Name: Ed Hall, editorial cartoonist and illustrator from Jacksonville, Florida Website: 1. What is your current Moleskine notebook? The Large Moleskine Sketchbook and the (really large) Moleskine A4 Sketchbook for longer studies and more in depth drawings. 2. How... Read More


Moleskine Writing Collection [Video]

You are the first lucky one  to have the opportunity to watch the video about the Moleskine Writing Collection: If you want to know more about the Writing Collection take a look at... Read More