Moleskine event: Objectivity

Sunday, May 15th will take place a special one-day event at Eyebeam’s West Chelsea exhibition space in New York called Objectivity. Two workshops to explore how the contemporary nomad navigates information saturated digital and urban landscapes. An exhibition and reception in celebration of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

As a Moleskinerie readers we thought you might enjoy to learn more about some of the artist who will be creating amazing work at our upcoming NYC event.

Diana Eng

Diana Eng
Diana Eng is a fashion designer who works with math, science, and technology. She is the author of Fashion Geek: Clothes, Accessories, Tech and was previously featured on Bravo’s Project Runway, Season 2. Check out more about Diana on her blog:

Diana will lead a workshop in electroluminescent notebook hacking. Participants will prototype their own Moleskine notebook of the future, enabling their notebooks to literally glow.

Mark Parsons
Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons currently teaches and serves as Director of Production and Technology for Pratt Institute Architecture.

Mark has exhibited his work at the United Nations, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Provincetown Art Museum, the New Bedford Art Museum.

Mark is leading a collaborative drawing workshop mapping the way our personal stories shift and mix as we navigate the urban environment.

Nova Jiang

Nova Jiang
A current Eyebeam Fellow, she holds a Master of Fine Arts from UCLA and has exhibited at the 01SJ Biennial, Sundance, TEDActive, and the Milan Public Design Festival. Nova is an artist seeking to expand the evolving definition of public space by encouraging playful, tactile, and creative participation.

Nova will use her figurative drawing device in an installation that highlights the powerful tactile and social experience of analog technology.

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