Yesterday in New York Moleskine held an event called Objectivity.

It has been a all-day-long workshops dedicated to Notebook Hacking, Collaborative Drawing, and Moleskine New Collections. The four workshops focused on the process of creation, sharing, and response to iconic Moleskine objects:

Electroluminescent Moleskine Notebook Hacking Workshop (by Diana Eng, Fashion Designer and Eyebeam Alum)
In this workshop, participants designed and built their own illuminated Moleskine notebook by creating designs with electroluminescent materials, installing these materials directly on the cover of their notebook with drivers.

SHIFT – A Collaborative Drawing Workshop (by Mark Parsons, Pratt Institute of Architecture)
In this workshop, participants attended a 3-hour group drawing session to explore how value systems shift as you travel within city spaces. Layers of images in continuous evolution.

• Figurative Drawing Device (by Nova Jiang)
The human form scanned and copied onto paper, combining technology and manual dexterity. The installation involves the viewer. Like a psychological diagram, the drawing reveals the interaction between participants.

• A vocabulary of objects
On display are objects from the Writing, Travelling and Reading collections interpreted by artists and designers as tools of free expression. The artists included students from the Parsons School of Design, pictured here while working on the Messenger Bag.

This is the pictures of yesterday’s event in New York. By the way, have you been there? How did you like them? More screens to come…

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.
Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Objectivity

  1. Sarah Bibi says:

    What an amazing and inventive event! So much creativity. Yummy treats as well.

  2. Sarah Bibi says:

    Is there somewhere we can share our photos from the event? Is there a Flickr pool? Thanks!

  3. Pics are coming. Stay tuned on our social channels 🙂
    Oh, and thanks for your blog post Sarah!

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