SCRIBA Event. You have been the leading actor!


Did you remember when some weeks ago we asked for your help for several consecutive weeks?

You were involved in telling us your Life in a bag, What Moleskine means to you, the 3 objects you cannot travel without, your favorite quotations

Well, we couldn’t tell you what they were meant for, but everything happen for a reason.

All these entries, all this huge, passionate, lovely effort of yours has been the leading actor in our SCRIBA event in Milan during the Fuorisalone 2011 back in April.

In fact, the scribe-robot you have just seen in the video above has been the main attraction during our event. All the text you see written by the mechanical arm it’s yours, there’s your love for Moleskine notebooks and the passions of your lives.

Once again, we would like to send you one of our biggest thank you for this. You have been amazing with your support and let us make this happen.

Here a collection of pics of the event.