29 ways to stay creative

We want to leave you for the weekend, whether it’s beginning or there’s still few hours to go, with this awesome video about 29 ways to keep up your creativity.

It has been realized by TO-FU design, which seems got inspiration from this post here.


What are YOUR ways to stay creative? Tell us!

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to 29 ways to stay creative

  1. I tweet. Put an idea out into the Twitterverse and see what happens. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking the right question to the right person and BAM! Idea. Then another. Then another. Twitter is great for this. I even wrote about it here: http://goo.gl/79G46 and here: http://goo.gl/hsqvK

  2. Trevor Hobbs says:

    1. Start “Once upon a time…”
    2. People watch
    3. Ask someone old about how things used to be
    4. Make a mad-lib outline, and have friends fill in the blanks
    5. Try watercolor painting
    6. Write an Ode to something you love
    7. Write a nonesense dialogue between two people
    8. Make a picture from cutout pieces of paper
    9. Read Poetry
    10. Write “The Book of ___” then cover every aspect of the subject

  3. Aggrissive says:

    …so pitty, I can’t buy online from Switzerland.

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