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29 ways to stay creative

We want to leave you for the weekend, whether it’s beginning or there’s still few hours to go, with this awesome video about 29 ways to keep up your creativity. It has been realized by TO-FU design, which seems got … Continue reading

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Amazing Drawings With Just A Mechanical Pencil?

  Appartently it’s possible. Thanks to this article on BI, today we discovered this talented artist, Joe Fenton. Here’s a sneak peek of other amazing piece of art. If you want more check out the gallery on his website.  Guessing … Continue reading

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The Moleskine Cat Journal

If dogs are the men’s best friends, we think that cats are no different! They inspired and continue to inspire artists, worshiped in ancient cultures, and without any doubt considered one of the cutest things on the Web nowadays. Today … Continue reading

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