The Basics of Visual Note-taking


Sketchnotes 101 is a series of posts made by Core 77 that helps you in learning how to sketch and take notes.

It explores the application of visual thinking tools in the worlds of design and creative thinking.

The recent rise of the “visual thinking” movement in business borrows from the natural ways designers work—using sketches to explore and express ideas, manipulating complex systems of thoughts on sticky notes, and using rough visuals to make sense of the world. Humans are, of course, wired to be visual thinkers from birth, so it’s only natural that people are attracted to these tools, and the power they have to help solve problems and explore opportunities.

Mental Cache

We found that terrific. 

Sketchnoting is a true art that deserves a lot of practice and explanations. This could be a great source to start experiencing it and to create a good base for your skills.

Hope you’ll find this as a  touch base to start new projects or just to get new inspirations.

One thought on “The Basics of Visual Note-taking

  1. I lost quite a bit of time reading over this article and links stemming out from there. Sketchnoting is certainly fun and it works for me… but like you said, it is something that takes practice to develop. I am thoroughly enjoying the practice though! Any reason I can get more time with my Moleskines and fountain pens makes me happy!

    Thank you for posting about such a great, and helpful, article!

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