The Brand Namer

NamingHave you ever came up with something in your life that needed a name?

A dog, a cat, an online avatar,  a website, the name of your company…

Pretty hard, huh? Hours spent leafing pages of books or dictionary trying to find the most suitable one.

Well, did you that there’s a whole career that you can build around names? We discovered this today through this post: The Brand Namer

We were reading the interview of Jay Jurisich, a creative director, who explains how to go into the creative and inspirational process to find the best name for something, when we came up with this:

Weirdest place you’ve found inspiration? I’m constantly writing stuff down as I walk around. I’ve filled up 51 80-page Moleskine journals over the last five years.

Jay has filled 4,050 pages of Moleskine notebooks with ideas for names. Pretty amazing and striking, don’t you think?

What is the object from which you draw more inspiration?

After the videos of 29 ways to stay creative,  which is your creation process in front of your empty Moleskine notebook? Share with us!

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One thought on “The Brand Namer

  1. I create new zentangle patterns all the time, and you need to name each one. You know those verification words that you have to use for most blog comments, to prove that you are not a spammer? Some of them make pretty cool words. I write down the ones I like, and give them whatever pronunciation I like. I don’t have to worry that I’m using a name that’s already been used, because it’s a whole new word!

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