Your Paintings. The entire UK paintings, online!


Today, we discovered this astonishing project realized by BBC and the UK charity Public Catalogue Foundation: Your Paintings

Your Paintings is a website which aims to show the entire UK national collection of oil paintings, the stories behind the paintings, and where to see them for real. It is made up of paintings from thousands of museums and other public institutions around the country.

There are an estimated 200,000 oil paintings in the UK’s national collection, and the aim of the website is to bring online all of them by the end of 2012.

More than 63,000 paintings are already available coming from the state and local authorities together with those held in charitable trusts for the benefit of the public make up the national collection shown on the Your Paintings website. In addition, a small number of important collections that are not in public ownership nor normally open to the public are also being included.


You can collaborate too. With the Tagger initiative you can help organizing the collection by tagging each painting.

Tell us if you are willing to help, so far we are trying to put online all your creativity with myMoleskine Artworks here.

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