3 questions for an “Author a month”

Since we want you to be protagonist of our community we decided that not only you had to pick up the new “Author a month”, as you did during last week, but also have to choose the questions that we are going to ask to Rebecca.

So, here you are the questions you can choose from. You have to pick up 3 of them at least.

The 3 most voted ones will be asked to Rebecca Venn the girl who was the most voted on our Facebook page during last week. You have till next friday, July 15th to vote!

Read Rebecca story here

One thought on “3 questions for an “Author a month”

  1. I believe one of the questions to choose form, is asking what kind of Moleskine would we like to see that doesn’t already exist (choice number 5 above). i have often thought it would be nice to see a moleskine that has several different formats inside. By this, I mean that I think it would be nice to have a moleskine that has equal parts plain paper, squared paper, and lined paper in one moleskine. In this way, you could devote drawings, writings, and designs into one moleskine.

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