Lost and Found: Car tires proof

Moleskine tracks

This is the story about Jeff and his lost Moleskine notebook.

Jeff lost his notebook, someone found it thanks to the “In case of loss” page (you can download and print for free on our MSK Templates area) that Jeff filled.

It all made sense: the notebook had my name, phone number, and email address on the title page

As you can see by the image above it could appear a bit spoiled, since there are some car tire tracks on the paper. Well, a part from this, it’s not.

It was clear that it had been run over by at least one car; the tire tracks professed as much. Despite that, everything was intact. The cover was in good shape, no pages were missing or torn, and the mechanical pencil was still inside (albeit broken). Yes, some of the pages were wrinkled, but that didn’t affect usability.

If you want to read the whole story, here it is.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar kind of situation?

Lost or found a Moleskine notebook? Did the “In case of loss” page saved your precious ones?

Tell us within the comments!

5 thoughts on “Lost and Found: Car tires proof

  1. The trouble with the ‘in case lost’ page is that:

    1) They assume I want to offer money (I might, but let it be my choice)
    2) They assume I want to offer US Dollars – why would I? I’m nowhere near the US of A.

  2. I once had one of the small black thin notebooks that Moleskine used to produce (they’ve changed the design in recent years), which I kept in my back pocket for shopping lists, ideas, that sort of thing. There was never anything valuable in it, but, nevertheless, I was a bit annoyed when one day I discovered it had fallen out of my pocket.

    The “in case of loss” page wasn’t in the least bit useful though (I’m not even sure whether I’d filled it in), because it was my wife who found it some weeks later (it may even have been months). She found it on the driveway of a warehouse in our village, weather-beaten and obviously worse for wear, but recognisable and still very readable. It had seen enough rain to make it a bit beyond use, though it was reasonably full anyway, but I still have it tucked away at home somewhere.

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