An author a month: Rebecca Venn

After a little while you didn’t heard about it, we are back with the “Author a month” initiative and it comes with a looot of content for you all.

As we wanted you to be more and more involved in the process for defining the best Authors within myMoleskine gallery, we decided for the first time to let you decide who to pick as “Author a month” via a Facebook entry.

You have chosen Rebecca Venn, and at this point we thought to go even further with your involvement by asking you here to choose three question we would have asked Rebecca.

Here she is, eventually. We let her speaking by helself.

Door County 2009 Rebecca painting at ELLISON BAY

Rebecca’s background

Most of my artistic education, other than the basic college degree, has been attained through self-education…this is different from self taught because I have sought out artists whose work I admire and who I felt had something I needed  to learn. I have always drawn and painted…watercolor is such a challenge and it really appeals to me with its quick intuitive response.  Most of my work is very intuitive, whether it be the figurative work, for which I am known, or the plein air which feeds my soul.

At present I am preparing for a solo exhibition of my figurative work, but as weather permits, you will find me with my Moleskine watercolor book sitting in some beautiful place and having my thoughts lifted and my eyes recharged.

1. How do you use your notebooks?

I have found the 5″ x 8″ watercolor notebook by Moleskine to be my favorite as I do watercolor when traveling or sometimes when I need to get outside and clear my head.  The paper takes the paint beautifully and I love the texture.  The size is perfect for just popping in a small bag and hiking through the woods or into the mangroves.  It is not heavy and, as with watercolor itself, less is more.

2. What inspires you the most during your creation process?

Nature.  All the many varied textures, the way the light changes and keeps my heart racing trying to capture a moment. The peace away from technology.  And the color…it is the color whether dark before the rain or the brilliant glow of a flower or light on the water.  And the music of nature.  I love the quiet of the breezes which calm my spirit and recharge my visions.  I find that painting outdoors recharges my sense of colors.  After spending time in nature my eyes are heightened when I return to the studio.

3. What are your sketching tools?

The less, the better.  Of course the Moleskine watercolor notebooks or drawing surface is my preferred support.  I carry a Winsor & Newton travel kit which contains an HB pencil, kneaded eraser, pencil sharpener and the pan paints which I use that come with the kit.  I refill the pan paints with tube paint as it disappears.  A small package of tissues and a thin black pen (permanent ink).  I use a travel brush #10 or #12 which keeps a good point.  I keep a small flat brush in the kit in case I need that kind of stroke but mostly I don’t use it.

At this point you could think it’s over…But, as we said, it’s not all.

rebeccaVenn imgBookmarks235rebeccaVenn imgSleeve235

Not only we realized a custom Sleeve as before, but also created a custom Bookmark and left Rebecca the decision to fill up a blank Wise Dice or a M.Use Box. She realized a Wise Dice with some suggestions to follow to try to sketch like she does.

Just reach the MSK Templates section here and download the three files for free.

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