The Hand Written Letter Project

We often talked about handwriting in the past and since we consider it more than just a way to communicate, we keep on exploring this involving field that not only can improve idea composition and expression but also aid fine motor-skills development.

Hand Written Letter Project

The project discovered today is The Hand Written Letter Project, and it’s called like this because extended an invitation to designers and creative thinkers alike to simply write and make known their thoughts posed by this situation: in handwritten form and on their stationery (both of which were seemingly expendable to some, their idea taking preference).

This website showcases some of the correspondence since the projects initiation in 2007, containing the thoughts of some of the biggest and best designers and design studios from the world over.

That said, if you are interested in handwriting, keep on following us, we will have some interesting stuff for you very soon!

2 thoughts on “The Hand Written Letter Project

  1. Found your site while watching Jeff Probst today….looking for the girl who said to ask her for a hand written letter, she will answer every one…today @ 10,000 and counting!!

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