Travelling: Writing and Sketching

Taking inspiration by this video, we are thinking how your Moleskine notebook become your best companion.

When you fill it with your trip “best-moments”, do you choose to write or draw to fix your memories into paper? Or better, with photos or tickets of the places and museums you visited?

Summer has just begun…Share with us the story of your vacations told by words and sketches on myMoleskine Artworks/Video gallery!

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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4 Responses to Travelling: Writing and Sketching

  1. Hi,

    Which one is that Moleskine ?

  2. I need to get the words in my head out and onto paper. My job is to write but it is more than that. I didn’t know that writing would be my work or my need. It has come to me as I write. I write so that others will listen. I write about inequity and marginalization so that it will stop. I suppose it’s naïve to think anyone will listen or that my writing will make anyone stop anything but I write nonetheless.

  3. Tac Anderson says:

    That’s very cool. Alas, I don’t have that kind of talent so my trip journals will have to be limited to words.

  4. No worries Tac.
    If an image worth a thousand words, probably words are the best tool to express the real feelings we felt during a trip.

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