Is handwriting still alive? Discover Écriture Infinie

Do you remember that sometime ago we asked you to carefully follow us about handwriting?

That is the time.

We are pleased to announce you that the Écriture Infinie project has landed. And it’s amazingly beautiful!

Écriture Infinie / Infinite Writing is an art project that celebrates the rite of passage from the ancient gesture of handwriting to digital writing. Created by Cameroon-born and Paris-based artist Bili Bidjocka, and curated by Simon Njami, the project aims at writing the largest collection of handwritten books in the world.

Each book has 6,000 pages — originally all blank. No. 8 in this series of books is a giant-sized Moleskine notebook and these volumes make spot appearances where the public is invited to write on the books as if it were the last time you could write by hand.

Occasionally one of the books makes its appearance around the world.  One by one, people may approach the pages and leave their mark. When each book is completed, it is sealed, wrapped, and hidden in a secret place, as in a time capsule with the hope to be found when nobody knows how to write by hand sometime in the future…

But…Now it’s your turn!

The website of Écriture Infinie is an invitation for you to join in and share your images or videos dealing with your handwriting moments contributing to the memory of handwriting, by uploading images or footage that depicts or celebrates it: testifying to the way we write, and maybe to why we write.

Moreover,  keep on sending us tweets about your relashionship with the handwriting with the hashtag #ishandwritingstillalive