Hacks, hacks, hacks

Everyday we are amazed and astonished about the infinite uses of Moleskine notebooks around the world. The common practice called Hacking has been collected since a little while on myMoleskine gallery with a lot of amazing ones.

But, everyday we come up with something new like today’s GTD by Alexandre.

Many sites devote themselves to the adoration of the ‘skine and I have an idea to share myself. It turns out the large ruled notebook has 31 lines, and it’s good news if you want to put a calendar there!

[…] The right sheet is entitled with the month and year, and the rest of the page is a tasklist. Tasks may be transferred from the previous month’s incompleted tasks, or abandonned.
Moreover, pages are (manually) numbered and the first sheet of the notebook is reserved to index pages I might need to refer to later but do not warrant a physical bookmark. A personnal organizer, a journal and a notebook can thus be united in one Super Organizer.

Have you made any kind of changes to your notebook? Do you insanely love hacking them and want to share you idea?

myMoleskine Hack is the place for you!

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