SMS to Paper Airplanes

Christian Groß is an interface design student, a freelance designer with a focus on typography, information architecture and interactive design and visualization.

We discovered his amazing work about data visualization called SMS to Paper Airplanes.

He tried to visualize the text message communication between him and his girlfriend, since they are in a long distance relationship and living in two different countries.

 For me the paper airplane was the perfect image for this scenario, because the text messages as well as travelling by plane are the most common ways for us to cover the distance.

The text messages were filtered and analyzed using PROCESSING. The sender was encoded by the direction of the paper airplane, the length of the message with its size and the amount of positive emotional words with the amounts of folds. Additionally the paper airplanes were divided in two types depending on the length of their text. Finally, the paper airplanes resulting from this construction plan were placed in the room depending on the time when they were sent, as well as their emotional value.

You can know more and explore the image gallery here.