Snapshot: James Whatley

Name: James Whatley,  Social Media & Marketing guy working in the mobile world.

Website: WhatleyDude

What is your current Moleskine notebook?

I’ve got a normal-sized lined book [with AMICUS MENTHAI written on the front – from my friends at Mint Digital] and a teeny tiny pocket storyboard Moleskine which comes out from time to time.
How do you use your notebook?

A lot of the time you’ll catch me on the tube either sketching out ideas or [more often than not] writing out future blog posts. I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to notes that I’ve made while out and about – you can’t beat pen and ink. Occasionally I draw things, orwrite poetry – but that rarely sees the light of day.

What’s the next place you plan to take your notebook to?
China – via Russia and Mongolia. I’ve got most of next month booked off for holiday and I’ve bought a ticket on the trans-siberian express leaving the first week of April. I’m not planning on taking any technology with me and so anything that I want to remember or record will have to be by hand… I can’t wait.
What do you want to tell the world?

Smile at strangers. Spending so much time on the tube as I do, I spot people [out of the corner of my eye] watching me curiously as I scribble away like a mad man. Sometimes I’ll catch their eye and smile. Sometimes they smile at me. I like it. London is a strange place at times. In the US folk just say ‘hi’ to random people on the street. If we could all be more like that, then maybe we’d all get along a lot better.

Where will you and your notebook be in 5 years?
Heh, judging by my last response, probably stateside – traveling on the metro system, making notes whenever I can, constantly being inspired by the world around me…
However, I doubt this notebook will be with me. I only started writing [and keeping a diary] back in 2009 and my intention is to keep them all, on a shelf somewhere, so that one day my grand-kids will find them and try and decipher my hand-writing.

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