Moleskine meets Blogfest 2011

As we did in 2010, we’ll attend the Blogfest 2011 in Riva del Garda, starting from tomorrow, with customized notebooks which will be given to every attendee. It is the event that every year brings in one place everything that... Read More


Upload your creation for the Moscow Design Week

This is  a special call reserved to all the Russian Moleskine passionate out there. We are about to land to the Moscow Design Week in the middle of October and we want you to have some pleasant surprises coming from... Read More


3 questions for August’s “Author a month”

Previously with Rebecca and then with Alessandro, we featured them on Moleskinerie by letting you choose what to ask. Now it’s up to Vania Cazzagon, who is the winner of our Facebook pool and so the “Author a month” for... Read More


Things we owe to Shakespeare

On the NPR blog we discovered this beautiful piece created by Betty about all the words and expressions that nowadays we owe to Shakespeare. I still don’t know how something I scribbled in a hurry at 3am got so many... Read More


August “Author a month”

Pick your favorite and vote for the myMoleskine “Author a month” of August by choosing amongst the 3 most active users of myMoleskine community. She/He will be featured here on with a dedicated sleeve and bookmark, and will create... Read More


Your first Moleskine notebook

Different times in the past we have talked about your first Moleskine, or how you did first discover it. Today we went through the story of Red, about her first meeting with a Moleskine notebook and what she was going... Read More


Snapshot: Andrea Martinez

Name Andrea Martinez (aka BigGayDragon) What is your current Moleskine notebook?  I currently use the pocket Moleskine sketchbook daily.  It is nearly full, and I have a pocket watercolor lined up to use next. How do you use your notebook?   I use the pocket... Read More


A carpet made by pen

This beautiful piece of art just discovered is an entire carpet made by black pen and pencils. Painstakingly detailed, it explores different ways and patterns to create a unique whole with only a simple tool. The inspiration comes from different... Read More


Electroluminescent notebooks

                In May we virtually took you to the Objectivity event in New York where, among others, there was a workshop called Electroluminescent Moleskine Notebook Hacking. The idea comes from Diane Eng, fashion... Read More


Moleskine celebrates Star Wars

                You were waiting for this since a long time. There were a lot of leaked pics in the past months…but…THAT time has finally come! Introducin the Moleskine Star Wars edition Available in... Read More