Upload your creation for the Moscow Design Week

This is  a special call reserved to all the Russian Moleskine passionate out there.

We are about to land to the Moscow Design Week in the middle of October and we want you to have some pleasant surprises coming from Moleskine during the event.

How to join:

·         First of all go to myMoleskine Artwork gallery and upload your sketches, drawings or handwritings you have realized into your Moleskine notebook (If you are an existing member and you have already uploaded something, never mind, do it again!) by tagging them with the word MDW
It’s very important that you add this tag, it’s the only way to be considered when the Moscow Design Week will approach

·         Once done, if you have added the tag MDW, all the artworks uploaded will be displayed in this gallery

·         The 4 pictures that will receive more Facebook “Like” within the gallery will be the protagonists of our event set-up in Moscow during the Design Week.

·         You have time till Tuesday October 4th to upload all your pictures.

Want to know more?
Follow us and on Tuesday 4th to discover the 4 winners.

Ready to share your creativity?

Upload your images and tag them with MDW


Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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