Your first Moleskine notebook

Different times in the past we have talked about your first Moleskine, or how you did first discover it.

Today we went through the story of Red, about her first meeting with a Moleskine notebook and what she was going to do with that:

One of these days, I’m going to walk into one of countless Starbucks downtown, order an uber-foamy cappuccino, take out my Mini Moleskine, which I’m going to call Mini Me.  I’m going to doodle in it, draw stick figures in it, draw smilies in it, figure out how many facial expressions I can make using the English alphabet, Arabic numerals, and other characters used in nerdspeak.  It has to be Starbucks, and it has to be Moleskine.  And, if I did all of those, I wonder how long it will take people to notice the show I’m putting on — that I’m just one of millions, sitting there, with my brain as full as air as my foamy cappuccino.

We are really curious about Red has eventually put on her notebook…

What about you?

Could you still remember which was your first Moleskine notebook and how you filled it?

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5 thoughts on “Your first Moleskine notebook

  1. My first Moleskine was given to me by a great friend of mine in NYC, in 2005. I was getting back to Brazil and he came with those two beautiful notebooks: one small and another big Moleskine. Then this friend told me: “This is for you. You will travel a lot in your life and you should write your memories here”. About 6 years later and a bunch of cities and countries after, I always think of that moment as a special one. And, well, today I know my friend was absolutely right about my life.

  2. I used my first A5 Moleskine as a journal back in 2004. I documented my new job, the birth of my first child and (unwittingly) my first major multiple sclerosis relapse.

    It was invaluable when I was first diagnosed four years later, as I was able to use it as evidence for getting the medication I needed.

    I have used Moleskines ever since and keep a few of the small cahiers with me everywhere I go for writing my poetry and observations.

  3. I remember it like it was yesterday. I bought one for my husband, then boyfriend. I didn’t know him very well, but I thought the little notebook was so charming. He didn’t use it as a journal, but ended up using it to take notes for work. I discovered Moleskine sketch books after that and started a sketch journal. I branched out to watercolor journals and tried different sizes. Right now I have a mini notebook, which I keep in my purse for my thoughts and cake sketches. But none have been as special as that first, completely-filled 3.5 x 5 pocket sketchbook.

  4. I first saw it in this videoclip:, I really enjoyed the clip, I saw it… at least 6 times consecutively to examine everything, and then, I discovered the making of:
    There, I heard the name ‘moleskine’ and googled it. I passed the whole night thru sites about moleskines and drawings. At the end I was completely amazed with it. I looked for it in Brasil, but I couldn’t find any place in my state were I could buy it. I talked to everybody, asking if they’ve ever heard about it, I was just… ‘how have I never heard of it before!’
    Then, it comes to my mind that my aunt was in London, and she was going to buy me an iPod. I called her as soon as I could and told ‘please, forget about the iPod, all I want is a small notebook called Moleskine, it shall costs $8, I’ll pay you when you come back to Brasil.
    When she came back and said: ‘Is this one?’. It was in her hands, a small soft covered plain one, it was the best gift a 16 years old boy, fan of drawing could receive.
    I didn’t regret about my choice between the Moleskine and the iPod. Sorry Steve.

  5. My first was a two-pack of the small notebooks, given to me at an office Christmas gift-exchange. Two shades of blue, so perfect for me! I don’t think I ever completely filled those two, as I adore collecting blank books rather than writing in them, but the next time I was in Barnes & Noble and saw a Moleskine display, I fell on it like I was starving. Since then, I’ve considered them a must-have for traveling notes and daily jotting.

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