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UPDATE – 10-29-2011

Together with Designboom, a leading online magazine, we have organized a contest of the best logo design. You are great designers and we know it. What would you do with a logo for our blog? Using the Moleskinerie blog as your subject, design your vision for the logo. We will showcase the designer with the best work and award a prize to the winner. You retain the rights. This is a celebration of the designer with the best work.

To read about some of the changes we’ve made to our contest based on the concerns of the community and to ensure we’re not condoning unpaid spec work, see our full response here:

Together with Designboom, a leading online design magazine, we have organized a contest to select the new Moleskinerie logo.

Today, in fact, you have the opportunity to create the next logo of Moleskinerie, our offial blog dedicated to you and your passions for Moleskine notebooks.

How? It’s simple! 

Follow these steps:

  • The deadline for submitting your entries is November 10th
  • A shortlist of the 100-150 best designs, chosen by a jury to be selected in the coming weeks, will be published at the end of November
  •  The winner will be announced in early December

Visit the Designboom website to learn more…and to find out the amazing prize you can win!


We would like to inform you that some terms of the contest have changed.

In particular the point #10, regarding the intellectual property rights of the participants: considering that these conducted to a misleading perception, a part from the winner who will get the final prize, Moleskine will retain no rights on any other entry.

60 thoughts on “Create the logo of Moleskinerie!

  1. It seems like you are severely editing your comments.

    I’m no longer interested in buying moleskin books because of this contest. Moleskin: you’re not doing this right, and you aren’t respecting your core consumer.

    Here’s how to do it right:
    Many people use moleskins in their work to sketch out thumbnails of logos.

    Therefore, you should start a page where people can upload the sketches of logos from previous projects that they’ve worked on.

    Essentially, designers are opening their books and showing the process. This fits strongly with the moleskin brand.

    Then, people can vote on the best process pages.

    The winner is awarded the contract for your blog logo. When the logo is launched, so are all the process drawings created in the logo development (in a moleskin, of course).

    See? This is how you do it. It re-enforces your brand (in that moleskin is all about recording, sketching, and process) and it’s highly respectful of your audience/consumer.

    Do this, and maybe I’ll keep buying your books — which at $22 and one per month for my life is a pretty good bit of cash.

    I dare you.

  2. I like the competition idea. it also works in other field like archtecture. if you win, you get the project. if not, you get nothing but an experience. free or price is not a problem for me. and moleskine do pay the price for winner, right?
    if someone hate this way, just go away and leave us alone.

  3. @miles

    You said the field of architecture.
    There is a contest.
    1. idea contest. they submit projects, the winning one get contracted and realize the building.
    2. project contest, some of them are invited and prepraid partially, other are there just to contest, the winning projct get paid and builded
    3. contract project, they come to you and pay to build.

    where is the connection with the moleskine way ? cos they are not saying that the winnign sketch of this logo will be contracted ( means payed more ) but they wants ideas to use for free…

    Is it clear to you ?


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  5. Can anyone explain me please why do we need to submit the design on a 818px wide file? What should be the height? It has to have text included? What’s wrong with this contest and you are not publishing enough info for everybody to understand what do you want?

  6. Since the beginning of time, there were always those who create something and those who barking”.

    Many of these “barkers” are seriously threatened the Moleskine with boycott of their products. So what? Do they buy Moleskine products because of their quality or what?
    Or just expect somebody to praise them for their loyalty?

    Everyone is free to make own decisions, without ‘soul-savers’ who do not have better things to do, except to ‘care someone else’s worries.’
    Ladies and Gentlemen, if you do not agree with the rules of competition, whatever they are, please, do something useful for yourself; take a walk or fuck your wife or boyfriend.
    Before you even start to share advice and ‘expert’ observations to others, ask yourself, what is your credibility, to be a ‘wise-guy’.
    And when you find answer, if you ever do, then invent something, develop your own company, create and design good products and become a famous and well known subject at the world markets.
    Only then, you’ll gain right to ‘enlightening’ others with your ‘Know-how’ strategies. Until then, read sentence above about walking and fucking.

    However, as I can see, Moleskine are no better than ‘barkers’.
    They were frightened of losing the customers and quickly retreated into a hole where they seems to belong. Nomen est omen 🙂
    They started to give apologies and patronizing comments and even they change the rules of competition. Pathetic and disgraceful.

    There’s a saying: ‘After the fucking, there’s no regrets.’
    Or, in translation, ‘Think what you want to do, before you do anything. After that, stick to your decision or do nothing.’


    … to all of you who doesn’t belong to “wimp-cunts” 🙂

  7. La idea de convocar este concurso me parece magnifica. Le están dando la oportunidad de expresar su creatividad a todo el mundo y no solo a unos pocos, porque Molekine es para todo el mundo y no solo para unos pocos. No entiendo la polémica que se ha generado, es solo un logotipo no una operación a corazón abierto que solo unos pocos son capaces de hacer. ¿O es que acaso los diseñadores “profesionales” temen que sus diseños queden por detrás del que pueda presentar un niño de 4 años o un señor o señora que trabaja en el campo sin apenas estudios?

    Si ese es su temor hacen bien en tenerlo, la creatividad y el talento no son una profesión, son un don y a veces esta en las personas mas insospechadas que no han tenido la suerte de nacer en el lugar ni en el entorno mas adecuado.

    The idea of ​​holding this contest seems magnified. They’re giving the opportunity to express their creativity to the whole world and not just a few, because Molekine is for everyone and not just for the few. I do not understand the controversy has been generated, it’s just a logo does not open heart surgery only a few are capable of. Or is it perhaps that the designers ‘professionals’ fear that their designs remain behind that might be a child of 4 years or a lord or lady who works in the field with hardly any studies?

    If this is your fear are right to fear, creativity and talent are not a profession, are a gift and sometimes the most unexpected in people who have not had the luck to be born in the place or the most appropriate environment.

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