Moleskinerie Logo competition results

We would like to say thank you to everyone who took part in our Moleskinerie blog contest. We received over 2,000 entries and the submissions were so beautiful and compelling, that in addition to selecting one winner, we are also going to... Read More


Unbox the Moleskine gift pack

Back in September, we asked you to compile a simple form without any futher indication of what it was all about, we gave you the opportunity to start racing with your imagination and put the Moleskine items you like the... Read More


Happy Thanksgiving day

We want to celebrate with you this year’s Thanksgiving sharing with you this inspiring video, to spend this day with your beloved ones and save a little time to do something for the others. Have fun and thank you... Read More


Moleskine notebook first use

What is the first thing you do when you unwrap your new fresh Moleskine notebook? We have found this very nice and useful video: So, which are your first steps to have your Moleskine notebook ready? Tell us in comments... Read More


2,650 miles, 850 pages

Do you remember about Kolby’s story we talked about last January? It was the story of a guy who succeeded in accomplishing his goal to hike 500 miles during 2010 and near 1000 since May 2009. Now the adventure continues…... Read More


Four Letter Words.Typography illustrations

Michael Dowell, a London-based designer, for a few months now he has  been filling up a Moleskine sketchbook he won from Creative Review with a self set brief – Illustrate four letter words using typography. The brief was a rather... Read More


Moleskine Words workshop in N.Y. City

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for Moleskine Words workshop at A. I. Friedman in NYC, last week. Many beautiful stories were told and many lovely covers were created with the set of 400 word stamps. Thanks... Read More


Get inspired everyday

              Once a week we’ll propose you videos or images useful for your creation process. On myMoleskine gallery for example you can find any sort of creativity in action, from drawing to sketching crossing... Read More


Notebooks for Antarctica

A hundred years after the first conquest of the South Pole, four young explorers are embarking on a new mission. Their goal is to reach the farthest point in Antarctica in only 60 days. Anna Wakefield, Claire Maritt, Alex Toseland... Read More


What kind of planner are you?

These are a few examples of how someone like you have filled his own Moleskine planner or diary. It begins from large format planners for people who think in images and need plenty of space for drawing, coloring and pasting... Read More