2,650 miles, 850 pages

Do you remember about Kolby’s story we talked about last January?

It was the story of a guy who succeeded in accomplishing his goal to hike 500 miles during 2010 and near 1000 since May 2009.

Now the adventure continues…

Then April 2011 arrived. In that month, I was laid off from my job of six years and decided to hike as much as I could of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). The journey started at the Mexican border near Campo, California, through the harsh deserts of eastern California, into the wilds of the Sierra Nevadas, and through the thick forests of Northern California. 159 days later, my life-changing journey came to an end in early October after hiking nearly 1,700 miles of the trail. I came home with a strong appreciation for life and nature, a thinner waistline, and over 850 pages of journals! Before sharing any of the stories, videos, or thousands of photos I took on the journey, I’d like to share that which is most precious to me: my journals.

If you want to know further about this new adventure, here is his blog post where you can also learn a little more the art of keeping a journal while travelling.

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  1. I noticed you had postal cancellation stamps in your journals. Do they just do that if you ask them? I like that idea for future journals.

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