Four Letter Words.Typography illustrations

Michael Dowell, a London-based designer, for a few months now he has  been filling up a Moleskine sketchbook he won from Creative Review with a self set brief – Illustrate four letter words using typography.

The brief was a rather simple one and I tried not to think too long and hard over the words I chose. Some took 30mins to sketch and some I tweaked for days. The plan is to fill the sketch pad and vectorise my favourites. This project isn’t one that I see as being finished here. It’s an on-going passion of mine that you can be certain to see lots more of.

If you want to discover all the gallery produced by him, here‘s his website.

Amazing creativity.

2 thoughts on “Four Letter Words.Typography illustrations

  1. It would be impossible for me to count hours I have spent doodling and stylizing my initials, my first or last name, or other short words who’s letters flow together

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